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Being born and bred in Staffordshire in the UK, I count myself blessed that I have Cannock Chase which is an area of amazing woodland and heathland and a place which is full of some many things I am interested in, almost on my doorstep and I have visited the Chase many, many times over the years.

Although to be truthful my first visit didn’t take place until my late thirties as I was ‘mistakenly’ told that Cannock Chase was full of hidden deep mining pits which can open up and swallow you!    This, naturally made me keep away from the place.

Thankfully two very close friends assured me that although because of Cannock Chase’s mining history such things can happen, it is very, very rare and walkers on the Chase should always stick to the defined tracks.

So these same very good friends took me on my first visit to Cannock Chase and to say I was overawed by what I found is an understatement.   I fell under its spell completely and I still feel the same about the place.

You see Cannock Chase ticks several boxes for me.   I love all aspects of nature – flora and fauna, the seasons of the year and history, all of which can be found and seen on Cannock Chase and of course a good long walk in these surroundings with good company will always be something to be grateful for.

Cannock Chase rightly deserves the title of an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and it easy to see why it is so popular.

Over the years I have taken hundreds of photographs of the Chase and its inhabitants during my visits there, in fact my photos of the Chase is the biggest file on my computer, so to choose just a few to include on this page has not been easy and with hopefully many more visits I will soon have enough photos to do a part two or even three…….

© Penny Vickers

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